What To Put On Your Baby Registry

Think of your baby registry more as a wishlist than as an indication of your parental readiness: Just because a coworker or cousin shared their list of 250 must have baby registry items and you've never heard of half of them doesn't mean that you can't start your baby registry checklist or that you absolutely cannot live without those baby products. Ultimately, you know what will serve your family and lifestyle best.

Here, we break down what to put on baby registry lists and how to think about what baby products to add. And since it’s wise to have a mix of price points, our baby registry checklist highlights the significant purchases like a crib and stroller and includes the smaller, fun-to-buy pieces like printed onesies and bath toys.



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3. Items for Bath & Feeding

Feeding and bathing necessities are the best baby registry items because they make it easy for people who want to hand-deliver gifts or bring them to a baby shower or baby naming—while welcome and valuable, bulkier items don’t take to gift wrap like a super giftable infant wash set. They’re also the perfect add-on gifts for close friends and family who may have purchased something significant for the nursery and now are looking to shower you with love via smaller treats.

From dishwasher-safe baby food makers to playfully patterned and picnic-friendly melamine plates, there’s no shortage of feeding options to add to your baby registry must haves. As for your baby’s bath time needs, pick fragrance-free shampoos, soft lotions and items that your minis will use well into their toddler years—think bath toys. And since skin care is a journey of exploration that should start at birth, we love soothing creams or balms for the little ones—don’t get mad when your minis adopt your expensive taste in eye creams and serums later in life.

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6. Toys for Playtime

Soft toys with bright colors or bold graphics are perfect for those early days, as they’ll support your baby’s cognitive development and sensory perception. If you’re thinking ahead to their toddler years, dolls, scooters and toy cars should make it on your list of nice-to-haves as they can serve as decoration in the nursery or playroom before your little one is ready to enjoy them fully.

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